Two-part plan: yes, no, but with many arguments and examples “Three Minutes” in June Fatima successful it better or severe liberal education?
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Contact Two-part plan: yes, no, but with many arguments and examples “Three Minutes” in June Fatima successful it better or severe liberal education?
About Two-part plan: yes, no, but with many arguments and examples “Three Minutes” in June Fatima successful it better or severe liberal education?

But to achieve this, it is necessary to implement other techniques that build cooperation: consulting, among others. The Council of November, for example, students asked that the “Three Minutes” are rated “to be rewarded for our efforts.” In the discussion that followed, I gave the reasons why I am reluctant to write (difficulty of the exercise, the difficulty rating of the oral commitment to making this technique something that is not school); class, not very talkative at the beginning of the year, this time began speaking without leaving the floor to the usual tenors.

Opinions were expressed and opinions were very divided. Here the decision: “The author of” Three Minutes “chooses to be noticed or not. The exercise will be noted that when it will be successful. “In the rest of the year, none have asked to score, and volunteers for the” Three Minutes “were quite numerous.

The class, relieved to have been able to integrate this unusual and vaguely frightening exercise in its educational patterns of thought, could go beyond the niggling accounting (a high grade for effort) to go to a real learning, free and worth as for himself. IV Part of the master It is fundamental to allow adolescents to “discover” in front of their peers, not always tender. For this it is necessary that the rule “is not mocked,” is not broken.

And the team that evaluates not allowed to use words like “well, evil.” Each note must be supported on objective evidence. The teacher helps and supports individuals’ flanchent “such evaluators, who often need to be helped to formulate their remarks and support them with evidence. At the same time, it makes the commitments: at the beginning of October, Lize, which was voluntary, was prepared anything on the appointed day and thought to get away with it.

She had to meet its commitments, and improvise his speech, which was difficult for her. At the same time, I made sure that no harsh word is said in the evaluation. The class has just found that very few criteria were met, and gave him advice for the next time …

Finally, the adult helps the group groping pointing out some things that are not seen by the class, especially V Balance at the beginning .. a look closely in the footsteps of this work, we can express some reservations: first, I could not maintain regularity as great as I would have liked, so that all students have not made at least one test, while others could try a second time. On the other hand, if we see clearly the positive development of the class, it remains unclear what exactly each individual retires, and it’s hard to say.

At the oral anyway, the evolution is clear: over the months, I noticed that there was no affirmation without argument, and the formulations were much more elaborate. And this activity, which made them very afraid at the beginning of the year, provided them some pleasure over the weeks.

The class was attentive and interested, and topics sometimes gave rise to extensions in debates. “This is the conduct of subjects, with product plans and the evaluation criteria found. quite clearly see the evolution of the class, which first attaches to the physical difficulties of the presentation and is sensitive to the contents arguments, examples, implementation consistency. Date Author Subject Plan given by the presenter Notes Evaluation Criteria found by the class during the discussion 18/9 Class Search evaluation criteria The criteria are fairly detailed in this first time, because I had a small group of students for three years, which has already made oral presentations Contents: – respect for life: between 2’30 and 3 ‘- supported language / current – to be clear – tell the details, but not too much – reformulate attitude: – Respect punctuation – convincing tone – loudly – articulate – look at the audience, not the teacher – do not be shy: do not stutter, do not rely on the board, do not play with objects September Youssef Who is responsible for the September 11 attacks? – First reactions: it was the Americans – Other officials No plan, no demonstrations, no personal opinion Spontaneously, there is a beginning of organization of reasoning, but few arguments.

An interesting introduction, but I’m the only one to notice – not have tics – not smile so tense – not to use negative words when speaking of oneself September Cindy Disaster Toulouse (AZF) – argue – give ratings – not to mix the ideas but the order in October Lize did not prepared his speech. I invite him to talk about the difficulty of the “Three Minutes.” Very few arguments to explain his refusal to intervene The class is “helping”; Yet Lize is quite isolated in the group because a little contemptuous.

October Jean-Baptiste Che Guevara No plan It’s a documentary about the life of Che – elaborate on his opinion – have at least three proofs October Julien Doping A series of arguments against doping No plan properly talk, but he understood that he must defend an opinion in November Arzu, Huriye Mary women in Afghanistan No plan it’s more documentary qu’argumentatif; the conclusion says: we must help them – the title is a question in November Suzanne Which urban transport for the future? A plan “river”: car, bus, two wheels etc. (For each point: pros and cons) The three minutes are exceeded.

There are repetitions. We discover the need for the choice of arguments, which is difficult. December Huriye Leila What are the advantages and disadvantages of the laptop? A two-part plan, and argument supported in each.

I find the presentation developed. The class is that the subject is “boat” – choose a topic that interests (difficult criterion to be taken into account: it will cause much discussion) January Marie, Eva What is freedom? A clear plan: freedom, liberty limitation They were carried away by their philosophical subject and provided quotations from authors who have made the very confused about – give concrete examples January Youssef Where and why juvenile delinquency?

An enumeration of facts rather than arguments – find a subject on which we can not agree Derya January, Yoann you wear a condom? A first short part that merges with the introduction, the second part divided into two: yes, no The concept plan is not yet fully acquired the role of the introduction is not completely understood – make an introduction -choc, which launches March Cindy about Japanese writing a three-part plan documentary topic March Suzanne is vital TV?

Two parts: advantages, disadvantages The plan does not respond well to the topic. – consistency between the title and the plan – the plan must answer the question posed by the title April Eva Marie Can we ignore what we want? Plan into two parts: the desire, the knowledge they have struggled to connect the two, but have embarked on a difficult subject, for the sake of intellectual research may Audrey Progress in science and technology is it always positive?

Two-part plan: yes, no, but with many arguments and examples “Three Minutes” in June Fatima successful do my math work
it better or severe liberal education? A two-part plan: liberal severe. In each of the parties: Pros, Cons Of repetitions, but the plan system is well understood – not to make arguments “negative” in June Vivien Mohamed For or against the legalization of cannabis in France? built and detailed plan, many arguments supported “Three Minutes” successful – always end with his opinion Add Comment
In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review> Summary May 1972 Regional Group Bulletin of the modern school, pedagogy Freinet educational supplement to “The pupil of the flowery valley” school of Schweighouse-Lautenbach .

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